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Guitaridentity.com is a totally free registration, archiving and cataloging service born from Manlio Moscarino’s idea

Manlio Moscarino all’età di 13 anni si trasferì con la famiglia a Telese Terme, un piccolo paese di provincia, e nella casa in cui andarono ad abitare trovò in un vecchio armadio una custodia con una chitarra semiacustica nera e senza marca che nascondeva sotto la vernice una splendida Crucianelli Elite Sunburst. Da quel momento iniziò a studiare la chitarra conservando sempre quel cimelio che si rivelò non particolarmente prezioso ma di cui gli sarebbe sempre piaciuto conoscerne la vera storia, i legni, i pickup, chi fosse il precedente proprietario e per quale assurda ragione l’avesse dipinta di nero. at the age of 13 he moved with his family to Telese Terme, a small provincial town, and in the house where they went to live in an old closet he found a case with a black semi-hollow guitar without brand that hide under the paint a beautiful Crucianelli Elite Sunburst. From that moment he began to study the guitar, always preserving that heirloom that turned out to be not particularly precious but which he always liked to know the true story, the woods, the pickups, who was the previous owner and for what absurd reason he had painted it black

Thanks to brother’s experience he start studin guitar since he was a little boy becoming very soon a wanted and versatile musicians. During the years he collect some instruments but the guitar he prefer is an Ibanez RG550 with which he can play easily different kind of music. A night, after a concert, he left guitar and pedalboard in the car and he gone to took the amplifier in the pub but when he comes back he discover that somebody broke the glass of his car and stolen the guitar. Still today he’s searching for that instrument he loves