Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to service offered by is possible to create a card with all informations about your instrument and a QR code that identify and make your instruments unique and identify the ownership

Register instruments on is totally free but if you like it you can make a donation to let us to do better just pressing here

You can register all the guitars you have the ownership

You can register evry kind of guitar and bass (electric, classical, acoustical, ecc.. )but is important to define it when you register

Is very important put real pictures to highlight defects, damages and modifications to show the features makes you instrument unique

You can upload 50 pictures at best but only the first 10 will goes on the card

Of course you can but you must record the name of the luthier who built it

To transfer a guitar ownership you must give the code written on certification to buyer and then confirm the transfer request in your personal area

to obtain a ownership transfer you need to insert the guitaridentity code given by seller in “Property Tranfer Guitar” section in the personal area and waiting the seller who confirming the transfer records all the ownership changes to offer a detailed history to owner or a new buyer

you can’t unless it is registered on